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Some of the major events organized by SAATH till date.


“SAATH EVENT 2004” was organized on Sept.25, 2004 to support women and children living with HIV and AIDS. For the event, SAATH collaborated with different organizations esp. Sangati Extended Care centre and Sneha Samaj. In addition, SAATH also collaborated with various schools and colleges with the main purpose of raising awareness among the students on the issue of HIV & AIDS. In addition, the program was to support women and children living with HIV & AIDS by establishing SAATH Treatment Fund.

In the event, 55 stalls were assembled comprising of 30 food stalls, 15 exhibition stalls, 8 game stalls, 1 music stall and 1 special stall on HIV & AIDS. In accordance to the primary purposes of the event (i.e. to sensitize the visitors esp. the students through the information regarding every aspects of HIV & AIDS, and to raise funds as for the support to women and children living with HIV.) All in all, the entire event was the combination of informative and entertainment activities.

Apart from various aspects, SAATH EVENT-2004 was also a success from one peculiar aspect as well, i.e. Rs. 1, 05,000/ was raised from that event which was used as “Treatment Fund” for women and children living with HIV”. The fund raised was deposited in Nepal Investment Bank, and the proper mechanism was developed by SAATH in coordination with SNEHA SAMAJ. The fund has been effectively used to support many women and children living with HIV.

2) WADE “World AIDS Day Event 2004”

Understanding the significance of World AIDS day, SAATH organized World AIDS Day 2004 with the combined effort of different groups (including women, men, youths living with HIV, and vulnerable groups like youths, drug users, homosexuals, etc.) to show and to set an example on solidarity among different groups for acting against HIV and AIDS.

The program that was named as “World AIDS Day Event (WADE), 2004”, included:

  • Human –Chain program (A symbol of solidarity; a solidarity to share love, compassion hope and inspiration): More than 700 people (including students, individuals representing different organizations, celebrities, social figures and general people) joined hand in hand to form a human- chain around the “Traffic Island, Maitighar” followed by “A FLAME OF HOPE AND INSPIRATIONS” lighted at Bhadrakali by Mani Khadka (PLWHA).

  • Candle light program: To bring a hope and solidarity among the people living with HIV and AIDS around the world and to commemorate the people who had died of AIDS, two thousand and four “Candles” or “Diyo” were lighted with an estimated of 400 participants.

The basic purpose of WADE was to back up the worldwide World AIDS Campaign realizing our potentials and to accelerate the national response to HIV and AIDS through a focus on women and girls preventing new infections, promoting equal access to treatment and mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS. That means, the WADE acted as a complementary National campaign being organized with the efforts of SAATH and Nepal Plus.

3) Media program on HIV & AIDS

SAATH and Nepal Plus combinely launched media program on HIV & AIDS on February 1st 2005. It was broadcasted on HBC FM 94 Mhz for one year (Feb 2005 – Jan 2006) and was successful in addressing various social issues related to HIV & AIDS. The major achievement of the program was that it provided a good platform for number of people living with HIV & AIDS for conveying their message to the general public. In addition, various groups like women living HIV & AIDS commercial sex workers, homosexuals, ex-IDUs got opportunities to put forward their voice for sensitizing the audience.The success of this program is the immediate cause for planning the similar kind of media programs for ensuring its continuity and sustainability, so forth in order to make a long term impact.

4) A study on "the existing conditions of organizations working in the field of HIV/AIDS"

SAATH in the year 2005 did a research work in studying the existing conditions of the organizations working in the field of HIV and AIDS. The study was very significant from both short term and long term aspect. The study had an immediate outcome for it determined the almost exact number of organizations working in the field of HIV & AIDS in the Kathmandu Valley. The study collected the profiles of almost all the organizations working on HIV & AIDS. The study also had focus on gathering information with regard to the conditions of organizations working in this field. In addition, the study extracted the information to know the perspectives of organizations and the programs and activities carried out by the organization.

5) Awareness Campaign:

SAATH in collaboration with Nepal Plus has been actively involved in conducting awareness programs regarding HIV and AIDS, drug abuse in several schools, colleges and communities. Besides, awareness campaign SAATH has also been involved in showcasing documentaries in colleges to create awareness.


In the present context, when most of the young people are indulged into various socially unacceptable activities, there are few young individuals (but matured with their thoughts) who have a strong determination to work for society and who are really contributing their efforts for our society. SAATH EVENT-2007 being a step put forwarded by such youth can’t be neglected, and obvious intrinsic reason is visible to everyone to call it as a worthy event for our society. Empirically too, it was an event organized by youth to sensitize youth on various social issues, so it holds a larger degree of significance. Besides, the practical and truthful information provided by individuals, experts and organizations was of great value for everyone. General public esp. youth were being aware about various social issues and will come to know about such organizations as well. Reciprocally, SAATH EVENT was a platform for the organizations to reach the larger population easily (Media coverage were the additional help for the organizations). Apart from above mentioned significance, some amount of fund was raised from the Event, which is named as “SAATH EDUCATION FUND”. The SAATH EDUCATION FUND is for the deprived children to support them in their education.

7) SAATH with Elderly Citizen

SAATH organized the program "SAATH with Elderly Citizen" the cultural program at “Pashupati Bridha Ashram” on June 30, 2007. The sole purpose of the program was to spend a day with elderly at the ashram, to provide them a day of recreation and entertainment and to give emotional support to the elderly by bringing together children, youths and elderly from different organizations. The special performances by musical band Kutumb, together with cultural performances by the members of SAATH, children from Maiti Nepal and other organizations were the major features of the program.

8) Bagamati River Festival- School Program

SAATH organized Bagamati River Festival-School Programs from 23rd July – 5th August 2007 in affiliation with Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT).The Bagamati River Festival-School Programs included inter-school art, essay and poem writing competitions. The main event was held on 5th August 2007, where selected poems together with best essays were presented and paintings of the participants were exhibited. Certificate and prizes were awarded to the winners on the main event day. Besides, the literary figures like Kali Prasad Rijal, Ramesh Khakurel, Bhuvan Hari Sigdel, Omi Sharma, Prava Bhattarai, Kosh Raj Neupane and Arjun Parajuli showed their participation in the program along with their poems on "Bagamati" for inspiring the students. Honourable Satya Mohan Joshi presided in the event as the chief guest of the program.

SAATH with Mission!!

Attributes of SAATH members:

  • Understands the importance of social work in Nepalese context.
  • Driven to make positive changes in the field of different social issues.
  • Capability of critical analysis and work for advocating on behalf underprivileged groups.
  • Strong desire for social justice.
  • Potential to stimulate youth’s participation for genuine actions.

"Nepalese society being developed into a just society where people from all sectors would have equal access of opportunities and would enjoy their human rights"

"Promote and establish professional social work in Nepalese society"


  • Create a platform for Youth social workers for their genuine actions in social fields.
  • Promote the concept of Youth-to-Youth advocacy for bringing positive changes in different social issues.
  • Generate a sense of solidarity among different groups of people to work on different social issues.
  • Protect and promote the rights of different groups of people esp. marginalized and underprivileged people.


  • Conducts youth mobilization programs.
  • Provides social services for needy people through the proper utilization of “SAATH fund”.
  • Conduct awareness raising programs on different social issues.
  • Advocate change for the overall benefit of society esp. for the protection of rights of people with their HIV, child rights etc.


SAATH is a group of dynamic youth who have been successful in contributing their genuine and priceless efforts in the field of social work. The group basically comprises of the youths with educational background of social work. SAATH as a group was formed in July 25, 2004 and registered in July 2006, with the basic aim of promoting professional social work for ensuring social justice and for striving humanity and tranquility in our society. SAATH addresses barriers, inequalities and injustice that exists in the society and give particular attention to service oriented programs for the general welfare of the society with special regard to vulnerable, disadvantaged, oppressed and exploited individuals and groups, raising awareness on different social issues for resource mobilization and advocacy in order to protect rights of different groups. By adopting these instrumental strategies the members of SAATH have been contributing their professional knowledge and skills to address different social issues. The members have increased their leadership skills and professionalism. The team believes that lots of things can be accomplished by working together, with special focus on meaningful involvement of youth.

SAATH has been conceptualizing new ideas, executing ideas into actions with the meaningful involvement and participation especially of the youths and with support from different individuals who holds an important responsibility in the society. It acts as an inspirational force to compel the present generation for their meaningful involvement in Social Work and believes that lots of thing can be accomplished by working together. The basic vision of SAATH to create a just society cannot be achieved without the concern of the majority of the people. SAATH calls for the genuine involvement of people from different segment of the society especially the youth group, and anticipate on creating a just, humane and a tranquil society for all. SAATH which also means togetherness believes in working hand in hand as it would further widen up the possibility of rapid and effective development and social change.

SAATH, with the youth’s spirit have organized various programs, events and activities as steps to bring positive changes in the field of social work. In very short duration of time it has made a significant achievement, and thus has received supports from various individuals and organizations.